Celebrity personal and pro-athlete trainer, Daniel Oh, wanted a rebrand for his newly relocated fitness studio, FAST LEAN FIT. FAST LEAN FIT had the challenge to distinguish itself from all the other fitness studios out there–especially a city like Los Angeles. I was fortunate enough to be part of this transition to reimagine the new space, rebrand the business, and create marketing collateral. Daniel focused on two things for his clients: 1. Lose fat and 2: Build muscle. As a personal training studio primarily focused on athlete training, Daniel had originally thought of the phoenix, a mythical bird that rises to its highest before falling back down to flames–just as athletes do. Inspired by his story, much of the meaning was retained, while the elements were renewed. Colors were refined to bring the red flame wing into focus, and the type became bolder and stronger. It was amazing to see the studio come to life with its new branding. I’m proud to announce that FAST LEAN FIT is ranked one of the top fitness studios in trendy Koreatown.